Albertus Neihus Jr., Bishop's Curate to the 1st Ruritanian Parish

Unassuming, approachable, European male, Dark hair, 40's


Vocation: Clergy (Professor)
Motivation: Charity

•Size modifier = 0
•Movement = 2
•Perception = 7
•Initiative = 4
•Defense = 3
•Stun =2
•Health (hp) = 6

Resource = contacts

Flaw: Glutton

Vestments, spectacles, translation books. History books.

Bespeckled, clean shaven with dark hair, at 5/10 and 180 LBS Bert is unobtrusive with his plain looks, and soft frame. He has a weakness for fine food and drink including the highly caloric Martian Snovi.


Albertus (his friends call him Bert) was born in England the 3rd son of a wealthy household. Never to be heir to the family fortune Bert honored his family by joining the clergy.

The former Anglican Church became the New Reformed Church after the discovery of life on Mars. Many people who were convinced that the Earth was the center of the universe prior to the Martian incident looked to the church to guide them in this trying and frightening time.

The Church remains in transition as it interprets the old scriptures in this new light while attempting to gain knowledge of the enigmatic Martian religion(s). Along with attempting to define itself the Church desires to shepherd the confused masses and has sent missions to various parts of the globe.

The Martian Invasion is not simply a physical invasion. In his efforts to be a successful follower and leader in the Church, Albertus may have learned about the Church’s relationship to the Martians that pre-dates Edison’s fabulous invention. This possible relationship has caused Albertus to, not only question his own beliefs but his beliefs in old friends and mentors.

Albertus has an amiable nature that makes him a people person and natural diplomat. His love of history has taught him how to successfully delve into old texts and compile research to find answers to problems. A gifted linguist, Bert speaks several Slavic dialects in addition to German, Spanish, French, and his native English. He is currently attempting to learn the Martian language.

Martian Snovi:
Martian Snovi looks similar to moss but varies in color from light blue to purple and has a buttery smell that varies in intensity depending where it comes from on Mars. The Martian Snovi from the area near Olympus Mons is considered the finest humans have tried. Highly filling, when consumed it produces a supposedly non-addictive euphoria in humans, similar to an intense caffeine rush. At an estimated 1500 calories per serving the Martian Snovi has rapidly caused obesity among humans.. Martian’s have not disclosed how Martian Snovi is produced.

Albertus Neihus Jr., Bishop's Curate to the 1st Ruritanian Parish

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